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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous production of electricity and useful heat near the consumption points (if also occurs cold, is called Trigeneration). In this way will manage to cover all energy needs of the user, reducing energy losses and therefore the amount of fuel used to produce. Therefore, the advantage of cogeneration is the energy efficiency because it can achieve a degree of utilization of primary energy incomparable, giving overall yields of around  75%-80%, compared to conventional power plants of 40%-55%.

Another advantage of cogeneration is that also provides security of supply. So, cogeneration is an efficient alternative to traditional systems. Currently is being introduced the microcogeneration, smaller systems that are better suited to the needs of customers who use microturbines because of the ease of installation, whether in hospitals, hotels, sports centers...

From Grupo 3E, we carry out complete projects of cogeneration and microcogeneration, to all types of customers:

  •  Financial, economic and legal advice
  •  Feasibility studies
  •  Plant design
  •  Carrying out and project management
  •  Maintenance