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LCA is an objective process for evaluating the environmental burdens associated with a product, process or activity. It consists  of making material and energy balance of the system under study quantifying the discharges into the environment, to determine the environmental impact produced by the use of resources and the discharges and to evaluate and implement environmental improvements strategies. The study includes the whole cycle of product, process or activity, following all the stages: extraction and processing of raw materials, production, transport and distribution, use, reutilization and maintenance, and recycling and disposal of waste.


From here, it comes to redesigning products under the assumption that we have energy resources and raw materials limited. So, LCA can be used:

  • Development of a new business strategy
  • Tool for making decisions on purchases of environmental products
  • Design or improvement of a product, process or activity
  • Redesign of a service
  • Comparison of products or services